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UserMgmt is a User Management Plugin for cakephp 2.x

Please do not use any old version on production, update your version to latest version 1.6 Immediately

Some other plugins are dependent on Cakephp Auth component. I have modified Cakephp Auth component to work other plugins with this user management plugin.
Please download Auth Component and put it in yourapp/app/Controller/Component directory.

Plugin's Features

Free Version 1.6 (added features)
17. Recaptcha support in registration
18. User email verification by admin
19. User activation/deactivation by admin
20. All php constants are now in Upper case
21. Login cookie name now configurable
22. 2 functions added-isAdmin(), isGuest()
23. Passwords hashed with salt(password compatiblity for already registered users)
24. Restriction on User Group deletion if any user is associated with group
25. User Email Verification link added
26. Storing Ip address of user on registration
27. Some bug fixes- error 404 page issue fixed, security issue fixed, cookie deletion on password change, already defined constants fixed

Free Version 1.5
1. Clean code with formatting
2. Login
3. Registration
4. Cookie login/ Remember me functionality
5. Add/Edit/Delete User By Admin
6. Add/Edit/Delete Group By Admin
7. Change Password
8. Forgot Password
9. Change User Password by Admin
10. List of all Users
11. List of all Groups
12. Manage site Permissions using Ajax updation, Permission caching functionality for fast checking
13. User's Email Verification
14. User Profile View
15. User activation by Admin
16. Routing long urls to small urls

It's based on jedt/SparkPlug plugin

This plugin is a Free version 1.6 (Stable)

Last updated on 19-Dec-2012
Please check this page on weekly basis. I will update above date if I change any file in this version.

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All features are tested by me, please email me if any bug found or you have any suggestion

This plugin is made by Chetan Varshney
If you have any question please let me know on chetanvarshney@gmail.com
You can also find Premium version 2.3.1 here

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